Wednesday , January 17 2018

Banking Job Training

'Banking Job Training'

Upcoming session: September 7 to September 14

Time: 7 am to 9 am

Session Per day: 2 hours

Total session duration: 8 days

Venue: Media International Hall (In front of Singha Durbar Purbi gate)  

Target Group

  1. Those, who wants to work in bank but don't have any prior knowledge.
  2. Inexperienced but interested people who are willing to gain banking knowledge.


  1. No experience is required.
  2. We don't have any age bar. People of any age can join the training.

  About the course

During this 7 days period of training, trainee will be given the following banking knowledge:

  1. Our banking job training will provide you with the understanding of how the banking system provides credit.
  2. Helps to understand how the banking system finances trade and investment.
  3. Provide trainee with the understanding how the banking system raises capital, transfer risks, provides liquidity.
  4. Our training also helps the trainee to expand the management skill.
  5. Provides knowledge about types of bank and their functions.
  6. Provides idea about how to face the banking interviews.
  7. Provides information about banking technology and how it works.

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  To Apply: Fill the application form and send us to our official email address   Training fee: Rs.  7000 (including VAT)      

Contact us: 014102606, 9861315117